Age nothing but a number

On various forums and social media I read companies proudly stating they all their fleet is less than X years old. 6 years seem to be the bench mark. I assume this is an attempt to replicate what most NHS trust provide. From my experience and I stand to be corrected that a majority of companies buy used vehicles. Now generally second hand ambulances are ex NHS. So while they have been well serviced and maintained, they have had a tough life. So you’ve booked a company with shiny new looking ambulances. However they have some massive mileages on them, are they reliable? can they be trusted?

At Ikon we do not operate such a policy. If a vehicle is fit for purpose then it does that job. For example we recently brought a ex scottish NHS ambulance. It was about 8 years old but only has 80k miles. So we have a ex NHS ambulance (well looked after) with less miles than a typical ambulance might do in a year. We run a small fleet and all four have less than 150k miles on the clock.

So which do you trust a ‘young’ high mileage vehicle or a older vehicle that hasn’t worked so hard.

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