Ambulance Services

We have a respectable reputation for our private ambulance services. In the past we have assisted with relocations, repatriations and transfers.

We have repatriated an elderly couple from the Scottish highlands back to Norfolk. We provided an ambulance and supportive care for the journey.

We regularly meet aircraft, air side at various airports to either receive a patient and complete the transfer to further care or provide transport for a team and the patient.

Are you moving house and have a relative that requires more involved support in moving?

Does your loved one have an appointment at a specialist centre and a stretcher is the most comfortable way for them to travel? Did you know Ikon Ambulance have various pressure relieving cushions to prevent pressure sores developing during what can sometimes be a long journey.

We have undertook NHS funded transfers and repatriations too.

Whatever your needs we will endeavour to assist any way we can. Please get in contact and our team will assist you every step of the way.