January is over

One down and eleven to go.

Work is starting roll in for the 2016 season. If you are planning a event and are thinking you may require our services. Get in contact and we’ll be very happy to help you out. New vehicles are getting built, kit serviced and stores ordered for the coming season.

We also have open first aid training in Norwich. These dates are 29th Feb for the one day course and 29th Feb to the 2nd March. These are accredited and certified courses. Assessed my serving paramedics. Giving you confidence that you have been assessed by people that actually do the stuff you’ve been trained in.


We also have vacancies for event first aid and medical team members for as and when jobs for those looking for a bit of extra income. We offer CPD and development of your skills. If you’d like to join our team fill in the contact us form.

Ice rink medical cover. WELL DONE ALL!!!

Happy new year. I trust the festive season has been a good one. We have just completed a very successful contract on the temporary ice rink in Great Yarmouth. We provided continuous cover everyday for 35 days without fail and have a glowing report from the customer.

Im hugely proud of the whole team that worked at the rink they made my job incredibly easy.

We hope to develop this type of work. We’re aiming to build on our relationship with the ice rink team that worked of behalf of Great Yarmouth Borough Council.

If you are planning a long term event that requires medical services please do get in contact. We are also able to provide long term cover as construction medical cover and even theme park and attractions. If you have a need for event first aid or event medical cover we would be very happy to help you.


So this week we learnt the CQC deem London Ambulance service inadequate. How many businesses have gone out of business following such a label? Recieving such a rating can signal a mass exodus of customers and people loose their jobs and lively hood. For something in smaller companies can generally be turned round within a few months and an improved rating is given.

Having read through the summary of London Ambulance Services inspection various points I notice are simple remedies and others I find scary. Things such the re-use of blankets for more than one patient, this is absolute basic infection control. Not having evidence that a drug missing from a drug bag has been administered to a patient. All these systems we have in place at IAS.

One point about the level of staff being a concern. Now I’m aware of various Facebook groups that are set up to assist finding staff to cover events as well as the usual lists of staffing agencies. I know from keeping a watching brief on these networks it’s usually the same companies always looking for assistance. If a company relies on social networks and agencies to source staff whether it’s events or NHS support do they risk falling into the same bracket as London ambulance. How long until the CQC ask us all how we recruit staff and manage staffing levels. How do you manage the events you take on and ensure you can staff them.

London ambulance service have historically been well funded and I expect operate in the red like most NHS organisations. I find it surprising that they don’t have a control system for the tracking of oxygen cylinders. Generally these are rented and in our company they contribute a significant monthly cost. To a service the size of London the monthly cost must be huge. Surely it’s in the services interests to manage this and hopefully save some money.

For another area of controversy is the CQCs point on meal breaks they state ‘Review staff rotas to include time for meal breaks, and administrative time for example for incident reporting’. Now in this weeks press we read the tragic story of Kyle Lowes a lad who sadly died while the nearest ambulance crew were having their meal break. Now as usual there are arguments about work load, stress and health. Well if a service is being marked down for not giving their crews a meal break and then the health minister tells the commons he will look into changing the law. Surely he needs to look closer to home and start by discussing things with his own inspectorate. You can’t say one thing in the commons and then your inspectorate contradict you.

Hello and welcome.

Launched today eventmedicalcover.com is the main page for Ikon Ambulance Services Ltd. We are a event medical provider with extensive experience in providing public events large and small across the country with professional medical teams. The website eventmedicalcover.com had taken sometime to get to the point of release and here it is. Along with Jason from http://designspin.co.uk based in Norwich who has done all the complicated web stuff. We have produced this. The stuff I’m most pleased with are the areas most will never see but will make our staff and clients experience far smoother and robust. Staff booking shifts and news is all online. Finally we can get rid of all the out dated paper booking forms and postage. All events are now booked online securely and safely, no more lost forms, expensive postage. We have finally dragged ourselves into the modern day.

The site will evolve and change over the coming months with blog posts and news. Please use the site critique it and tell us what you think. We can’t improve without feedback.

There is much change in the pipeline all for the better and will improve service delivery and resilience within Ikon.

So please travel about the site see what you like, tell us what you don’t and we’ll do what we can to make the site better for everyone.