Event medics, they need to go!

Can someone tell me what a medic is? Oxford dictionaries list the term as a medical practitioner or medical student.

Through the multitude of social media and from conversations I’ve had with customers. Many event medical companies offer medics. When I ask the customer what was the ‘medics’ scope of practice or qualification they don’t know. My fear is companies are providing customers with ‘medics’ and the customer believe they are getting something they are not.

Ive had them ask for a medic and when we discuss prices they seem to think they are getting paramedics when the the price they have previously been paying would suggest they are not.

Now paramedic, nurse, dr are all protected titles so their use is exclusive to those on the relevant register. Medic, EMT is not protected and anyone can use and on occasion abuse them. Anyone could do a course if they wanted, some may not and call themselves a medic.

For the benefit of our industry, our patients and our various professions the ‘medic’ needs to go. If you are booking an event understand the different skills and ask about scopes of practice.

We are building our scope of practice pages for you to make informed and educated decisions on your cover.

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