As we were returning home after a very successful and fortunately safe event at Isleham for the 25th British Eventing horse trials held at the venue. Tragic news was breaking about Olivia Inglis. A 17 year old young lady who was making a name for herself in the eventing world down under. Her horse tripped on a cross country jump and landed on top of Olivia. Despite the best efforts of the event medical teams Olivia died of her injuries. The equestrian world has responded with #rideforolivia and posting pictures of themselves horse riding on their social media pages.

This could’ve easily happened at Isleham and we could’ve found our selves at the centre of this story. This sport is hugely dangerous and the safety measures in place are high. Maybe thats why so many people find the sport so attractive. The element of risk and adrenaline is what keeps people returning to the saddle.

We would like to pay tribute to Olivia and spread the #rideforolivia word as far as possible and be grateful for the events that go by safely.

Rest in peace Olivia.

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