4 x 4 Ambulance and Remote Access Medics

Within the Ikon Ambulance Services fleet we have a four wheeled drive box body ambulance. Many companies claim to have off road ambulances, however they are in fact often four wheel drive cars. Our ambulance has a proper clinical area as you would expect of any ambulance you would find on the road.

Not only will it be able to get any where on your site (We’ve been across various cross country sites and even around motor cross tracks.) it will allow clinicians to start treatment immediately. Delivering a decent level of care in the boot of a land rover for example is very difficult where as in our 4×4 there is no difference to an ambulance you may see on the road everyday.

We don’t advise this vehicle to be used for conveying patients to hospital due to the four wheeled drive gear box. It is less responsive on the highway. However in inclement weather where four wheeled drive capacity is useful this ambulance is perfect and very at home in the snow as it is mud.

We can also provide 4×4 cars like land rovers to give the ability to deliver a clinician to the patients side where ever they are.

Soon we will also have a response quad bike too.