Contract medical cover (ice rinks etc)

Ikon Ambulance Services have a proven track record of providing long term medical cover. At sites such as temporary ice rinks over the festive period. Recently we provided event first responders every day without fail for 35 days.

Most of our customers block book events for an entire season of equestrian events for the same club or every race meeting for a motorsport promoter. Customers find by booking all their events up front sometimes months and years in advance. Its one less headache and peace of mind.

We work with our clients to risk assess the site and arrange appropriate medical cover to manage the perceived risks. We liaised with site management and other contractors to discuss the positioning of our resources. Agree plans for emergency access and egress of patients, ambulances.  Offsite response levels were arranged and agreed. Major incident plans drawn up and agreed. Local authorities are informed and liaised with as necessary.

Our staff quickly fill rotas and copies forwarded to clients and other sub-contractors. We strive to have the same team of staff for contracts like the ice rinks and regular customers for continuity. A different face every day reduces confidence.