Horse shows and Equestrian Medical Cover

Horse riding is one of the highest risk sports out there. Ikon ambulance has built its reputation on providing medical cover to these events from local gymkhanas through to three day multi discipline events. Our staff are well versed in the ways of horse shows and are regularly seen helping the arena party set jumps or working the arena gate.

Within our fleet we have a four wheeled ambulance. This was purchased specifically for our equestrian events. It has the ability to access areas a traditional ambulance can’t. Most four wheeled drive ambulances are converted cars or SUV’s. Ours is a full van type ambulance. In the incidence of someone getting injured we are able to get the person off the ground and into the warmth and safety of the¬†ambulance. Whereas those using a converted car or SUV need to perform clinical interventions outside in the field. Our four wheeledDiscoveryAmb ambulance offers patient privacy and safety.

Here is an example of a converted SUV. As you can tell there is no space for patient treatment, management or even CPR. Our four wheeled drive ambulance allows the clinicians to stand up to provide care. (picture to follow)

Our customers include The Pony Club and British Eventing. If you are running a gymkhana or a three day event please get in touch and we’d be very keen to help. Most of our customers book an entire seasons events up front for a fixed price. This gives the customer peace of mind everything is taken care off and one less headache.