Motorsport and Stunt Rescue Services

We are now able to offer rescue and extraction services to the motorsport and stunt industries. Our rescue vehicle comes equipped with hydraulic cutting equipment or jaws of life as they’re better known and small fire fighting equipment.

Our staff are all state trained fire fighters and bring with them the highest possible level of training and experience in complicated and rapid extraction for crashed and damaged vehicles. The vehicle we use for our rescue services has a clinical area allowing us to offer full rescue medical services from one vehicle. Our fire fighters can be crewed with our usual ambulance crews and both teams can work from the same vehicle.

This brings down the cost to the customer as they are not paying for two vehicles and brings a team that are used to working together. Equally we can provide the vehicle as a stand alone rescue unit. It offers very flexible option that can be equipped and staffed to suit the needs required for any event.

To support our own rescue services we can arrange full fire service cover through one of our partners. Providing proper fire appliance and staffed with civil aviation authority qualified fire fighters.

Please get in contact and we can assist you with risk assessments, advice and provide you with a quote to make sure your event has proper and adequate safety cover.