The key is communications

We have always strived to have the best equipment and resources we can to support our staff in delivering the best care to our patients and support your events.

In recent weeks we have taken delivery of the latest digital radios. These are based on mobile phone technology working on SIM cards. I say SIM cards. These radios have the capability to hold and use two sim cards. We have a contract with a communications company that provide us with multi network SIM cards. These SIM cards work across three networks with no affiliation to any. They will automatically select the network with the best signal at anyone time. The second SIM card is a single network card, this means we are able to use any of the four main mobile phone networks to communicate. So far we haven’t found anywhere that we cant get signal. We usually use these on an open channel like most radios used at events where every user can hear every transmission on that channel. Being digital we can use the open channel regardless of distance but can also point to point individual radios meaning the users on a point to point can have a completely private and secure conversation. There is no risk of sensitive messages being overheard or people acting on information not meant for them.

So we can communicate anywhere. These handsets are also individually trackable. Which means at a large event we can see the location of every resource on site and deploy the nearest unit to an incident. Loan workers can use the handset to send a SOS message via the emergency button ensuring staff are able to summon help from a colleague.

If we are at a large scale event and have multiple units on site we can set up our own control desk. Using the web based dispatch system (Our control computer works off the same SIM cards as the radios). We are able log each incident, create a unique reference number for each incident and create a PDF of each incident.  Our radios can take a photo and upload to the CAD and even add notes to the CAD via the radio. If you require a thorough document of an incident involving photos and notes from the scene this can be provided (data protection allowing).

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