Water safety, rescue and divers.

The team has provided rescue cover for club/national/international/world championship level events both inshore and offshore in the U.K and abroad. Current team members also assist in rescue activities for the F1 powerboat world championships.
The team can draw on the strengths and experiences of its 20+ team members from a wide range of occupations and activities that includes: 5 RYA safety officers/Royal Navy ordnance disposal diver/ Royal Marine Commando/ RNLI trained crews/Diving instructor/Harbour Master/Coast Guard/Fire and Rescue Service/Offshore safety boat coxswain amongst others.

The teams rescue divers are trained to a standard required by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association), working in pairs using SCUBA equipment to rescue a trapped casualty.
The normal crew compliment consists of 2x rescue divers, 1x driver and 1x first aid qualified crew person or paramedic.
The rescue equipment would consist of a towing vehicle and trailer, a rescue boat with a minimum of a 90hp engine and deck area to work on a casualty, SCUBA equipment, floating stretcher, basic first aid equipment, VHF radio and life jackets.

If you have a requirement for water safety or water rescue services above or below the surface of the water. Please get in contact and we’ll be very happy assist.